“How To” Videos

I was recently re-reading my Web Video page on my site (www.video-whisperer.com) and thought I’d better test something I said in there, namely: If you search for “how to bake a brownie”, you will find some videos on that subject on Page 1 of your search–even if they are “home grown” YouTube videos by a baking enthusiast who has no idea his video comes up on page one of a Google search.

So I searched for “how to bake a brownie”. Sure enough, there were two videos that came up right on top.

Then I decided to arbitrarily search for a number of other “how to” topics, and without much thought typed in each of the following:

how to fix a car engine

how to fly a plane

how to wash a car

And, getting a little bit more obscure….

how to choose a clarinet reed

(and something I was interested in…)

how to convert AIFF to MP3.

(I could go on….!)

In each case there were videos that came up on page one of the search.

It wasn’t really a big surprise. And that is part of the power of video content on the internet these days. There practically isn’t anything that you can’t find a step-by-step instructional video on and watch for FREE. And, more importantly, a HUGE number of people use the internet to answer their questions about a near infinite number of topics, and are specifically searching for VIDEOS. It goes without saying that the search engines “know” this too and that’s why videos are offered up high in the results.

The point, however, is that “How To” is the key phrase. When someone wants to know “how to”, they are most likely looking for a VIDEO, and certainly, whether they were looking for video content or not, it’s going to be served up as a top choice!

Now think about how your business can use this.

Let’s say you sell electrical supplies. Or modeling clay. Or Vitamins…. And let’s say you create a YouTube site that has a whole bunch of “How To” videos covering the topics of electrical wiring, sculpting with clay, health regimens, etc. And right across the bottom of the screen of this informative video (one of many) is your website address…

This is not to say that you can’t also have these videos embedded on your site itself.

I don’t think I have to paint this picture any further.

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