Ideal First Web Video for a Business?

Often businesses venturing into video content for the first time don’t really know what they want–except that they don’t want it to cost much!

Recently I did a video for a company that did know what they wanted for their first video, and in my opinion this is the IDEAL model for Homepage video content for any business.

In less than two minutes:

  1. We are informed what services or products the company has to offer and how these could be beneficial
  2. The claims made above are re-enforced by several sincere customer testimonials
  3. The company logo and contact details are visible throughout

Three things are accomplished by points 1-3 above:

  • The video automatically and immediately personalizes your company.
  • The inclusion of customer/client testimonials take whatever was said out of the realm of “hype” (providing they are real and sincere).
  • The company logo and contact details visible throughout the video mean that even when this video is found by means other than directly on your website (such as Google search, YouTube, FaceBook, etc.), people are easily directed to your site.

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