Belvoir Lettings Embraces Video

Belvoir Lettings commissioned the Video Whisperer earlier this year to cover their annual awards ceremony and to produce a short testimonial video of some of their franchise holders.

Then they got the “video bug”.

With various members of the Central Office staff having blogs and/or being part of on-line networking groups, not to mention all of the franchise holders themselves, it became evident that the most efficient way of getting the word out to prospective franchise holders in the booming lettings market was to share videos–not just testimonials, but some real meat on the bone in terms of the whys, “where-fors”, and “how-tos” of the lettings franchise business.

It also became evident to them that multiple videos could be produced from a single production shoot, making it very cost effective. In this case, 3 different shoots provided them with 23 different videos. Smartly, rather than dump them all out there at once, they have planned to strategically release them one-by-one through blogs and networking groups.

Of course this also populates their YouTube channel and increases by manifold the potential number of relevant searches that may wind up on their channel or their site.

Here’s the one that started it all: Belvoir Lettings Franchise Holder Testimonials

And here’s a link to all 23 of them (with more scheduled):

Belvoir Lettings Embraces Video

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