Color Temperature, Warts ‘n All

This tutorial was by request of Daren Henderson.  I do appreciate all the feedback on the first two videos in the “Lighting For Video That Doesn’t Suck” series, and particularly requests.

I’m also chuffed that people have started subscribing to this blog. I’ve just added share buttons to the articles, so please share as you see fit.

I called it “Warts n All” because I did this one 100% solo without the benefit of moral support from my assistant/model Gemma. But also I demonstrate and discuss color temperature errors.

For you Americans: “Warts n All” is an English expression that’s sort of self explanatory. So is “chuffed”. The English have a way with expressions that make no sense on the face of it until you hear them in context and suddenly they make total sense. (I live in England)

Don’t miss Part One, Lighting for Video That Doesn’t Suck, Getting Started

and Part Two, 3 Point Lighting.


4 responses

  1. Thanks Victor and Bob.

    As to YouTube settings, I use FCPX which has a single click upload to YouTube setting (very handy!). But what it is (if I was to do it the way I used to using Apple Compressor), it turns the file into a Pro Res H.254 file. To give you an idea, the original file for this video is 7.09 GB. The compressed file for YouTube is 421.3 MB. Amazingly, if I play the two files side-by-side on my computer (not off YouTube), it’s hard to tell the difference between the two.


  2. Very much enjoyed what you have done and your sense of humor adds to it. I was wondering what settings you used to upload to You tube as the quality of the video is excellent


  3. Veeery good instructional video! You’d must do a hard research to get a such informed piece. Thanks, I have a better idea on lighting now. Receive a salutation from a very small place in the USA: Seeley, CA. (We have a population of about 1,500)
    Your video seems very professional, but the beginning, where you sound more personal giving excuses, but it’s understandable because is a one man band production. I liked the idea that you had in mind that people from USA would see it. You think “out of the box” as we say here.
    My respects and congratulations for your production. I’ll be pendant of your next videos. Victor.


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