Practicing What I Preach

A note to those following the Video Whisperer blog: Thank you! I appreciate your being there.

Today my new business site went live (update and modernization of the old one). I thought it would be of interest to the followers of this blog, not for the purpose of obtaining business from you (!) but because of its content.

Interestingly, it occurred to me that I wasn’t practicing what I preached. While my old site certainly contained video content, it was exclusively samples of my work for clients. I thought I’d better add a Home Page video, and when I was done with that, I added videos to each of the key pages describing the services on those pages.

It further occurred to me that I’ve never seen similar video content on any other videographer’s site. Not that I’ve seen them all!

Nevertheless, I’m chuffed now, having done it.

One one hand you could check it out to see if it’s effective and whether you might want to do something similar yourselves.

On the other hand, there’s something there which is really an expansion of my recent article “The Secret of Interviews”. I actually had to apply this to myself to do these videos. I can’t say it was totally easy, but it wasn’t that hard either. Believe it or not, when I turned on the camera each time, I had no idea of what I was going to say. I just started. And re-started. And re-started again. Soon enough I fell into what it was that I was passionate about talking about. And then it flowed. The hardest part was the beginning and end. But once I got rolling, it was pretty easy.

Essentially, I imparted information that expanded a little bit on interview technique that one can apply to doing corporate videos.

I’ve mentioned earlier that I plan to do a video tutorial on the subject of interviews, right on into the editing bay aspect of turning the interview into the narrative that drives the video.

Well, that wasn’t exactly the purpose of these new videos on the site, but they’ll certainly suffice for a teaser if you’re interested in that subject.

So check out the new Video Whisperer web site !

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