Making a Mini-documentary

Ever wondered how a bronze statue is made?

I did, and I’m married to a sculptor.

You’d be amazed.

So I thought I’d record the process so that in a short 11 minutes you could not only learn about and see a legendary Welsh rugby player Ken Jones in action, but also the entire process of immortalizing him in bronze 60 years after scoring the winning point against the All Blacks in 1953.


P.S. For anyone who read the article FCPX Resources on this blog, all the light beam effects in the video were done with a $29 program from Pixel Film Studios. Notice how the beams interact with people walking through them.

5 responses

  1. That was totally incredible. Laura is truly gifted, and it was wonderful to watch an artist like her at work. Plus, you did a great job of bringing this off in 11 minutes 🙂


  2. Joe,
    that was a very enjoyable as well as informative little documentary. I could see it being expanded to a long format documentary where you spend a little more time informing the viewing audience on who Ken Jones was and his contributions to the sport of Rugby. being from the other side of the pond, Rugby is not a sport that gets little to not coverage so adding this information would be of substantial value.
    Aside from a small audio issue, this doc is most enjoyable to watch.
    thanks for posting it for us.


    • Thanks Daren, Actually, I’m from the other side of the pond too (though I live in England now). I had actually hoped to do just what you said, but those concerned were not able to finance a video, so this just became a labor of love to help promote my wife on her website.


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