GoPro Hero 3 Rides the Rail (under low light conditions)

I remember the release of the GoPro at an industry show. It was revolutionary, and considering what it could do, it was cheap!

But they were originally designed for sporting-type activities mainly in broad daylight.

That changed with the GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition.

Hey, I’m not going to talk lux and lumens. It’s been so long that I’ve used a light meter it wouldn’t mean anything to me either. But I bought the Hero 3 Black with fingers crossed for a project that was to be shot inside a warehouse–one of the largest warehouses in UK/Europe, for that matter. The client had installed a 43,000 meter overhanging rail system in Clipper Logistics’s clothing warehouse and had an idea it might be interesting to put a camera on the rail.

I used the free GoPro app on my smartphone which was pretty cool. That allows you to frame the camera and also allows you to remotely start and stop it and change any of its settings.

Since this video was produced I found another great tool called the “Fisheye Fixer” by Crumplepop which works instantly and amazingly in FCPX. It would straighten up all those distorted verticals and horizontals.

But the main point here, it did pretty good with the interior lighting, didn’t it?

(The video, an off-shoot of a longer one produced for the client, is only 36 seconds long–best to watch at 720p if you can)

The following video was directed and produced by Leapfrog Marketing (Alan Myers – 0116 278 7788) in association with The Video Whisperer.

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