For the Motion/AE Challenged (like me)

A while back I started a summary of great FCPX resources.

Of particular interest and value was the discovery of some great sites with templates for Motion 4 and Motion 5 (as well as After Effects) which are covered in the FCPX resource link above.

There are literally hundreds available, all first class, including full templates for corporate, wedding, music, events, etc., as well as titles and lower thirds.

Now I’ve found another great site where you can find most of them in one place–as several of the companies that produce them, including the ones I found earlier, now also post them here: STOCKEON.

STOCKEON provides royalty free stock files, music and SFX files, Stock Video Footage, After Effects Templates and Apple Motion Templates.

If you’re not adept at creating computer generated graphics, have fun and look through what you can have for $49/£31 or less to give your corporate, wedding, music or event video and whole new modern look and feel.

I can tell you that for FCPX  you can fill in the drop zones and graphics from FCPX if the length of the template suits you. If you want to extend, shorten or otherwise alter it, you can also open it in Motion where ALL parameters will be available to you. Now that can be quite daunting, but if all you want to do is extend it by repeating portions or something of that sort, you can probably figure it out, then export back to FCPX.  It’s worth the trouble. And a heck of a lot faster than creating it all from scratch after going through the trouble of learning the program in the first place.


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