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I notice a lot of new viewers recently off the Sony HXR NX-30 Review article.

I want to thank you for stopping by.

In the next few days I’m going to put up a new video showcasing the NX30’s low light capability and steadiness with footage taken during a trip through London and Paris with some friends visiting from the US. (new video now up here)

Thank you also for perusing some of the other articles on the blog.

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  1. Good afternoon/evening.

    I purchased the Sony HXR-NX30 – along with a Shure lavalier mic setup. I am so pleased it is not funny. I am a run and gun field reporter that covers things in and around my community. We have a new government and I go video tape all of the meetings etc so that my fellow citizens have the greatest opportunity to be informed.

    The difference in equipment has made my life so much easier. Previously I was shooting with a Sony HDR-SR60 with a Rode Video Mic Pro. No comparison.

    Here is the first interview I did with the new setup. This video has had NO post processing other than compressing the file size more suitable for YouTube using FCProX on a MacBook Pro.

    I recorded straight to the SD card and 2 notches down from full resolution. Why do I mention the SD card? The MB Pro has an SD slot, so pop the card out of the NX30 and insert into the laptop – no chords, etc. LOVELY.

    This camera is crazy good. Outfitted with a lavalier and the supplied shotgun mic – it’s a win win.

    This is my first interview with it and very last minute – basically grab the camera out of the bag and 2 minutes later hitting record. Only a very quick sound check. I got the balance on the 2 audio channels close enough so that I did not have to post process the audio either.

    The reviews here are spot-on and played a big role in the purchase. Could not be happier.

    Kind Regards.


    • Ah go on–take it!
      It’s funny, I went for a several day trip to London and Paris with friends visiting from the US. I took off the XLR block making the camera fit comfortably into the palm of my hand. Of course it’s lightweight, so I walked around all day and night carrying it doing various experimental shoots–both video and still. So easy to switch to back and forth from video to still. I’ll be posting the shots shortly–as soon as I get a chance to show off the main features of the camera covered in that first review, and particularly it’s intelligent auto systems which are, uh, really intelligent!


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