Call me a Sucker

In my past life, amongst many other things, I was privileged to be a cameraman on multi-camera shoots for several concerts with extremely talented musicians. It was one of my great pleasures as a cameraman.

When I started the Video Whisperer, the first thing I did was a music video. For free. It so happens that it was that shoot that obtained the name “Video Whisperer”. While the young artist doesn’t want me to show the video anymore, it was (believe it or not) shot at night in the middle of a snow storm in our front yard in Montana. I had put an old piano out there the day before. It was on a trailer. I covered the wheel wells and protruding hitch with pine boughs which were then completely covered by an 8″ snowfall thus completely disguising the trailer. It just looked like a piano was sitting out in the middle of the forest. Then, on shoot day (night), I put a couple spot lights dimly on the pine forest in the background so it wouldn’t go completely black and lit the entire piano scene with a bunch of candles. The singer bundled up and, with an electric heater hidden under her coat, she performed a single take of an original song in –14C temperature. The next day in the bright warmth of just below zero we did some daylight rehearsals for a couple other songs. A few of our local deer (who we knew well) showed up to listen and that gave me some precious B roll for the performance the night before which I inter-cut with the song video. Later, some friends were watching this rather extraordinary performance, complete with wild deer in attendance, and I overheard one say to the other, “the video whisperer”.

Truth be told, I have no idea of what the context of the statement was. Nevertheless, I always prided myself in being “invisible” as a cameraman…not calling attention to myself, my camera or my craft; rather using my craft to hopefully catch life as it happens in a candid fashion, an art form in itself.

Needless to say I quickly searched Google to find if anyone already had the name. No one did.

Moving up to the present, though I mainly do business videos now, I was recently approached to shoot a gig for a young singer/songwriter who needed a video for submission to a university. I did it for cheap. And then did a music video for her for free. It was fun and a nice break from corporate videos.

So I’ve decided to offer the service to local (Grantham, Newark, Lincoln, Nottingham, Leicester, Peterborough–UK) talent for cheap. Recording sessions, gigs, and music videos. Way cheap. Anyone interested can go to this link for my site or comment here.

Maybe somewhere along the line I’ll help someone make the Big Time. And then, in a way, so will I.

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