The Perfect Partnership–Video and Marketing

Partnering with Web Marketing Firms

I doubt there’s anyone in the fields of Video Production or Marketing & PR that aren’t aware of the fact that the future of the internet is massively video-centric.

Yet there are Web Design companies, Web Marketing & PR firms that can’t provide video services.

And there are professional videographers and well as talented up-and-coming ones that are looking for clients.

What to do???

The question has just answered itself, hasn’t it?

A Real Example

My best business relationship is with a Marketing company. I was lucky. The MD was one of the few I’d met who understood long before most of his peers the direction and importance of video for both marketing purposes and SEO. His was a medium-sized, successful and expanding Business to Business marketing company with industrial clients.

He didn’t have video production capability, yet he knew he needed his clients to start establishing a video presence on the internet, and the sooner the better.

So he got me.

He didn’t have to hire me on as staff. All he had to do was test me out to see if I could deliver.

That done, with me at the other end of a phone call or email,  he could now promote and deliver video to his clients along with all the other marketing and PR tools he provides in-house.

And since he was providing me with regular work (an average of one video per month for the last two years), I could offer him a lower rate for video services allowing him to add a fee that pays for the time he puts into the projects (he attends all shoots) while still providing excellent value for money to the client.  In other words, having a professional video arm to his company doesn’t cost him a thing while at the same time allowing him to provide FULL SERVICE to his clients.

Just Do It

If you’re a Web Design, and/or a Web Marketing & PR company without video production capability it doesn’t have to cost you a penny to promote, advise and provide video services to your clients. Your business will instantly increase in size, stature and the ability to deliver results.

Shop around for a local professional videographer who can fit the bill.

Not a Big Production company.  They can do it, but that’ll cost you. And it’s why you haven’t done it already.

To be clear, a “big production company” has staff and overhead. Minimally several people will be involved in your productions, even if  small ones. Or they may pick and choose. Or have a full diary.

Look for a capable but small video company or lone operator with experience and judgement enough to be able to produce what’s needed or even better than hoped for and with lightning fast turn-around.

In England, you can start here: The Video Whisperer

For a further comprehensive list of professional videographers, go to the Institute of Videographers site, then click “Find a Videographer”

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6 responses

  1. I just started following your blog and it has provided me with priceless techie info (I’ve decided to get the NX30 to supplement my Sony a57 and a99) as well as that most priceless of commodities: inspiration. I’m actually going to either restructure my current website or create a new one so that my fledgeling video services will be at the forefront (less ego boost, more business). Your blog entry just opened up the idea of offering my video services to PR firms. Thank you!
    Dodge http://www.elementalview,com


  2. Well put, V.W. Our band of six have help the owner take his business into new corporate and non-profit areas in the past year, resulting in the need for more space, delegation and crew. Not surprisingly, the younger marketing firms appear to be “getting it.” We’re now working with about a half-dozen marketing firms and our marketing approach is the more the merrier! Best of everything to you and your company.
    Mike Breslin @ Mike Martin Media, St. Louis Missouri


    • Well, that’s an ambitious idea and a bit of a “Samson and Goliath” scenario. I’m not sure I totally buy the line that YouTube is not “professional enough”, and the perception that it’s just entertainment and funny cat videos has long since shifted. The main advantage is that it’s free, it’s the second largest search engine, it’s owned by Google, the videos automatically generate transcripts (which you can correct) which makes it possible for search engines to search content in order to serve up relevant results, you can embed on websites, you don’t pay for bandwidth–even if your video goes viral, etc. Further, with Google’s money, you can bet it’s going to get better and better.
      Now since bquobe is purely business-oriented, I have a bit of an off-beat suggestion. Research launching it in China, probably the fastest growing business economy in the world–and where YouTube is blocked (or any other country where that may be the case). You’re going to have to make a big footprint somewhere to be able to viably launch into competition with YouTube. I’d also consider the name a bit more. You’re still young and small. I have no idea how to pronounce “bquobe”, don’t know what it means and wouldn’t at a glance have any idea of what it was about. It’s not too late to change it. Good luck!


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