Sony HXR NX30 at work

Nice little demo of the camera in a production situation.

First dramatic scene is hand-held, including running. No editing stabilization added.

Edited on FCPX.  Click here for the full review of the Sony HXR NX30

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    • Well, according to the manual: “Camera-shake detection: The camcorder detects whether camera-shake occurs or not and make the optimum compensation” Then there are pictures of a “walking” icon and a “tripod” icon. So I guess if even with all it’s technology, if it can’t overcome your unsteady hand, it’s going to tell you to use a tripod in order to save face 😉


  1. I would like to thank you for the efforts you’ve put in writing this site. I am hoping to see the same high-grade blog posts by you in the future as well. In truth, your creative writing abilities has motivated me to get my own, personal blog now 😉


    • Thank you! It’s a lot of fun. And I like to write anyway. In fact, next project coming up is to write an eBook along the lines of the info here, but a little more focused on helping young or new videographers understand the fundamental basics of all the important aspects from kit through production.
      Let me know when you’ve got your blog up and running. I’d recommend WordPress blog as it’s easy and also Google-friendly.


  2. really? I am on the internet, you too. There is no such a thing as ” censorship” on the internet. it’s a contradiction in terms. If you wanted a place with soft drinks and pinky up and politically correctness then you are in the wrong place. This is the Internet, my friend. We are free in here.


  3. well done (the clip). The stabilization is first class, hands down. But the IQ is not. Almost as good as a cell phone but not quite there. Sorry.


      • image quality. iphones take better HD footage. it’s a 2K camera for pete’s sake! put a decent sensor already instead of those miniscule 6mm sensors. The industry is still fighting over features and tricks while a cell phone takes better footage. The GL1 times are in the past, now a cell phone sets the standard, and they keep playing with the little features to sell the bigger models , and the real thing (the videos) can’t compare against a cell phone. unbelievable!


      • Actually, the iPhone sensor is 1/3.2 inch (apx 8.5mm) and the Sony HXR NX30 is 1/2.88 inches (15mm) which is the largest of the 3 cameras in that class. I assume you watched it in HD, not whatever default YouTube gave you for your local internet.
        Anyway, if you’re a gung-ho iPhone videographer, go for it.


      • mm should be reported as diagonal. The industry got away with it until the first D90 ruined the feast (by accident), then the 5D and GH2. My previous camera was a sony ax2000 and my current one is the VG900. They are getting there, slowly. They are still busy hiding little features from the cheaper models to sell the expensive ones. do me a favor and spend a minute to check the zacuto revenge shootout , and look at the iphone footage. look what cameras was competing against (let me pick one.. the Alexa ! I mean.. ALEXA!). Now tell me if the industry was full of BS until now . We are the buyers and they still don’t get it, don’t they?


      • sure , that’s the excuse I often get around: a video shot with a (say) xl1 will look just like a movie shot with alexa, it depends on … what a minute.. on what? the story? the camera operator? the director? the actors? which one? now the reality is that it depends on the gear for the 90% and the rest between grading and post-processing in general, but with a bad video to start there will be no grading and no post processing able to make it decent in HD. unless we go back to 1950 , watching on black&white (possibly) tv sets. The other reality is that thanks to the D90 now we can hope for better sensors instead of little features that we don’t need (because has always been like that in the video market before the D90: you have to spend a fortune to produce a decent footage that only big money giants can afford. And we had to deal with limitations ad libitum (if you need something you have to spend a little more…and so on and on for decades). The industry was happy to comply. By the way you know who makes the D90 sensor? Sony, and you really believe that Sony didn’t know? Of course they knew. They (like all the others) were more than happy to play with us, selling those absurd cameras with those miniscule sensors. Until they could. And still do, see? you are talented , you deserve better and don’t be played by those money obsessed people. It was several years ago when I was shooting a soprano with FX1 (paid by the venue), now my wife shot a short with her powershot G9, for fun: back to editing I was speechless, how better the G9 was compared to the FX1. not just a little better, WAY better. It’s a real story: we gave the footage and kept the short in admiration. Sharp sharp sharp, contrast , colors, definition, EVERYTHING was night and day compared to the footage out of that idiotic MiniDV tape of the FX1. And the G9 kept everything in a splendid sd CARD. ah… about time, a full frame sensor (finally!) but in a mediocre body like the VG900, or a decent VG30 but if you want AF then you have to deal with that absurd servo’s 2014 and they come up with that noisy lens (you can hear the gear moving from the mic: like we are back to 1960!). They keep doing it, marketing and little features that will block your imagination unless you spend more. they can’t jump right away, they need to sell BS for few months more.


    • What are you trying to tell us Jay? That a EUR 1600 camera (NX30) has an inferior IQ than a camera that cost triple, if not more, this amount? Are the camera manufacturers try to screw us consumers, absolutely, but so does Apple (iPhone etc.) for decades now.


      • I’m not trying , I am saying. Now you understand that times are changed in the video consumer and prosumer industry after the D90 and all the marketing consolidated habits and plans are now revealed : a cell phone shooting better footage than expensive cameras that do the camera for a living when the phone does the phone for a living? Means that we were given a bunch of BS over the years. Then there are people like you (yes YOU) who will defend the BStters no matter what accusing the Customer (me in this case) of stupidity for even saying it out loud. It’s the Customer’s fault? No! it’s the BStters’ fault if they gave us miniscule sensors for years, for items priced astronomically. and the BS continues : take my VG900 for example: decent sensor, decent consumer camera but there is no FF lens for AF/Zoom . It’s a consumer camera (correct?) and if I want to zoom and AF on the entire sensor? I can’t. Seriously? Back to the marketing BS. In video you can do up to a certain thing, if you need more then you can’t. How do you call THAT? I call it a BS. Same BS over and over. Features and lack of features as a “system” that creates money (for the BStter) and poor technology constantly limited by the marketing people . And I cant even say it because the other Customers run to call me a delusional? See? yeah. I am talking to you now.


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