Brainstorm: one split second

Write script: 15 minutes

Shoot video: 30 minutes of ghastliness, 20 minutes of hiccups, 15 minutes of giggles, 15 minutes of magic and two stars are born

Edit video: 4 hours

Result: Priceless

12 responses

  1. Loved the simplicity of the set, the information and the delivery. As an amatuer just dipping my toes into this world, I reckon that your absoultely spot on Joe. I read your Ch10 above and loved it, and your video work is inspiring. Many thanks


  2. Nice video. Clever. Now, how did you distribute it? Is that what John B is asking? This was embedded in an email? …or posted on a website? I’m not familiar with WordPress- I guess I’d best google it and come up to date.


    • Hi Dave, thanks. No just by posting this article in the various Linkedin groups I’m a member of, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Oh, also Vimeo and Daily Motion and I pinned it on a Pinterest board. But it’s mainly YouTube. Except for Vimeo and Daily Motion which are separate uploads, all the rest of the distribution methods are linked to the YouTube one. Sounds like a lot, but only a little less than 200 views in two days, which to be honest, is high for a fresh upload, but somehow I thought this one would be shared more because of the cuteness factor. Yea, check out WordPress. Free blogs (like this one) also also website templates. I think the WordPress platform is the most “google-friendly” one out there. Cheers! Have a great holiday! Joe


  3. These girls are brilliant!….& the bloke that shot the video is not bad either!…I’ve worked with Joe on many business videos & he’s much more than a Videographer, he always adds original & relevant creative sales input to the story.


  4. Hi John, If you’re subscribed, then WordPress is sending out the alert to subscribers automatically. I’ve never seen it myself, but I assume that’s what you’re referring to. And yes, there are analytics on any WordPress account, plus there’s the YouTube count as these videos are linked from there. Cheers! And have a great holiday!


  5. Funny, they look like they could be your kids.

    This was an html email instead of a plainly formatted email message. Did you send this yourself, or use a service? I’m wondering about this message because I get a message about remote content when I get this type of email via wordpress. Basically, I wonder if you get statistics regarding people seing it.



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