Nice little video

Just wanted to share a recent video with the followers of this blog. For some reason, it’s one of my favourites.

As you know I’ve been writing a book called “Run ‘N Gun Videography–the Sole Shooters Survival Guide”. There are over 25 chapters and this video ticks a lot of the boxes covered in that book, not because it’s fancy, but because it gets the message across.

It’s simple.

It was a one-camera shoot (though I had a second locked-off camera on the podium which I didn’t use for this edit).

The Sony HXR NX30 did all the grunt work.

Audio was off the house board through a neat little transmitter I have which was plugged into the board and received by a radio receiver on my camera.

It wouldn’t have been as good a video if it were not for the strong narrative delivered by 3 celebrities in attendance, and that strong narrative made it easy to edit.

One of the most interesting chapters in the book has to do with how to choose and use stock music in a way that it seems to have been written for the video rather than just schlocked on.

This choice of music was a home run for me.

For you Americans and other non-English (as in England) people out there, the two celebs in the beginning are UK television presenters who have their own show and who are also internationally renown voice coaches.

The third one is a new celebrity. He’s actually a head teacher at a school who became an overnight sensation when he invited Channel 4 into his school to do a reality show, “Educating Yorkshire”.

Apparently he’s a heart throb receiving dozens of marriage proposals every day. He’s a nice guy too.

Anyway, enjoy!

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