Run ‘N Gun Videography book cover (survey)

For those of you have read the various chapters of ‘Run ‘N Gun Videography–The Sole Shooter’s Survival Guide’  I’ve previewed here on the blog, I thought I’d show you my first attempt at cover design and solicit comments/feedback.

This is the second revision taking some good advice from the comments:

Realised why I liked the the sort of ghostly halo that I accidentally came up with at the early stages of messing around…he’s the Video Whisperer! (You’ll have to read the book to totally get that, but to be fair, I have covered it in earlier blog articles)

25 August update: Just completed a full text edit of the 43,000+ words with the invaluable assistance of a very smart friend of mine. He’s a great word smith, but a complete technophobe, yet he was fascinated by the material and even got interested in this highly technical subject.

That’s sayin’ something.

Still have interior photos and stuff to shoot and insert, then the daunting task of formatting for Kindle. Anyone out there provide Kindle formatting as a service?

Run 'n Gun cover photo


16 responses

  1. Looks really great (very intreguing and exciting!), though I always think, on a book cover, inserting a semi-transparant panel behind text, though only a subtle update, nevertheless makes for a more professional design. This is just a rough mockup, but see here:
    I would do the same with the other piece of text as well.


  2. I like it, it does capture the theme of the book. Two suggestions: darken the sky a bit to make it look dramatic and add your name to the cover. You deserve credit for a job well done
    Be good


    • Thanks! Debating the name thing currently (it would have been somewhere in the book anyway). Best option seems to be Joe Caneen A.K.A. the Video Whisperer. Still not sure if it should be on the cover–as normal as that would be! I’m going to try to darken the blue of the sky, leaving the clouds alone. That will pop the orange title more and still pop the black subtitle against white.


  3. VERY cool. Only thing that I would change is the font size for the title. It really needs to be BIG to stand out on today’s “bookshelves” – physical stores, but more importantly on online stores where you only have a thumbnail to catch someone’s eye and get them to click through to find out more. Good luck! 🙂


  4. Wow! Thanks everyone for your comments so far. Just came back from dinner and was pleasantly surprised to see all these comments already.
    Yes, it’s me.
    The “halo” was an unintended effect from god knows what as I messed around with it to make it a little less literal. Think I’ll keep it. (not that I’m any kind of angel)
    The pose was unintended too. There I was going up to my spot to “do the pose” and the photographer got this. Way better than the stupid poses. Which figures, because it’s sort of a major theme in the book (being on the ball enough to catch life as it is–which is usually better than the script writer usually dreams up)


  5. That’ll do the trick! Is it you?!!!
    Love your site. After 30 years of still photography I have been researching video for two years and I’m doing my first corporate video right now-using lots of information from your site and using the Sony X 30.
    Keep up the good work


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