Pure Frickin’ Magic

Some newcomers to the blog might not appreciate the significance of the phrase ‘pure frickin’ magic’ that I’ve now used on two camera reviews and which I’m likely to use on future reviews–mainly because I tend to only review things that I really, really like.

It comes from the original post for the review of the Sony HXR NX30:

Urban Legend has it that buried deep in the guts of the Boeing 747 somewhere is a little black box.

A young engineer once noted that in the schematics, the box was given the cryptic designation “PFM”. It seemed no one knew what the letters stood for.

Years later he tracked down one of the original engineers and asked him.

“Pure F..ing Magic” is what the old man told him.

My next review will be in about a week on an amazing LED light I found at the London BVE (Broadcast Video Expo). It will probably be called, ‘Pure Frickin’ Brilliant’.

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