Video Whisperer Blog–New look

I’ve been wanting to update the look of the Video Whisperer blog for some time, but couldn’t get up the nerve to do it. I had no idea of how the content would migrate. Well, it turns out to have been relatively painless.

I updated it to integrate better with my Video Whisperer website and the Run and Gun Videography Blog, both of which have white backgrounds and black type which is easier to read. (that white on black was SO last century).

More importantly, I wanted it to be easier to navigate, and I think now that has been taken care of.

I hope you like it.

Best regards,


P.S. I mentioned the Run and Gun Videography blog. That was created as a supplement to the book Run ‘n Gun Videography–the Lone Shooter’s Survival Guide.

It has its own content specifically posted as supplements to some of the chapters in the book along and will evolve with more resources specifically for the run and gunners. At first I was simultaneously publishing the same material to both blogs. I’m going to start phasing that out.

The Video Whisperer blog will remain as it is and the Run and Gun Videography blog will orient more to stuff of interest to lone shooters, small production companies and those who are just starting out in the industry. For those in that category, I suggest you subscribe to that blog.

2 responses

  1. looks good
    I still like the black background thing but I must say that white apple(ish) looks good too. Now the today’s news: looks like we’re gonna have a direct import of the XAVC-L for vegas , by the end of this month. Maybe.
    Still late, but at least we have hopes to actually see if the XAVC-L of the X70 is real.

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