Sony PXW X70 4K Firmware Update Available

Well, it’s here.

This is the link . Sony V2.00 Update

Here are the exact instruction on how to install the update: V2.00 update procedure

There are several reports that, in combination with FCPX’s last update, you can now natively import XAVCL into FCP.

This update does not automatically give you 4K.  There’s another step (purchase) which hasn’t been made very clear at this date, but I’m sure we’ll find out soon. However, if you want to record in XAVCL right now, you can.

18 June 2015

Ok, here’s the latest on the 4K update with a rebate available to the US market.

X70 4K Firmware Update

And here’s the link for obtaining and activating 4K. X70 4K Upgrade Key

And this comment from the FB X70 User Group regarding a rebate for early adopters of the X70:

 The 4K upgrade is here! It’s easy to install and Sony has the loyalty program. The box will have a sticker that tells users to visit a webpage where they get contact info for POSC…. gives you ‘inside’ access and can help you upgrade in 5 – 10 minutes. Sony wants to show their appreciation to early adopters of the PXW-X70 camcorder: End-user purchasers of PXW-X70 who took delivery of their product on or before March 31, 2015 and who purchase a CBKZ-X70FX 4K license key between June 15, 2015 and August 31, 2015 are eligible to receive a $300 mail-in rebate from Sony!

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  1. Hi there everyone. I am in a panic…. I have just downloaded the V3 firmware and when trying to install it on my X70 , the firmware upgrade aborted for some reason , and now my camera just has a green power light on , and a red light where the cards go in. Neither will turn off unless power is totally removed. HELP..


  2. Hi there, “Whisperer!” I am the proud owner of TWO of these wonderful little cameras and am deep into learning how to maximize their use! I have watched your YouTube commentaries about the X70 and have subscribed to both your website and YouTube channel. I find your info to be easy to understand and implement, so a hearty THANK YOU for sharing your knowledge!


  3. hmmm this “unlock” code for money (after the sale of a product) idea doesn’t look right to me. It will be like I buy a phone and then I have to buy another “unlock” code to make it ring when somebody calls. Sony (looks like) is the only one doing this “unlock” practice on electronics (after the sale) for now. Let’s hope that the others won’t copy that nasty idea or we will end up paying for the use of anything “lockable” and forever. I’d open a review at the trade commissions that we have in charge of those things before it gets out of hands.


    • It isn’t right. It’s false advertising for their original “4K ready” marketing. I have heard that some US retailers/dealers are offering a rebate to counter the upgrade fee. Needs verif. And Sony needs their collective faces slapped.


  4. I love the camera and the updates without the 4K are enough for what I do in my industry (Education niche) but I have reservations about the battery and the way it is locked into the camera by the bottom plate. I can see this “giving” over time. Apart from Gaffer tape 😦 is there any other solution out there that doesn’t destroy the run-and-gun features?


  5. By the way, sad to see no one else commenting on this 4k issue with Sony. Go figure.
    But I want to say this. About two months ago I bought the new JVC LS300 4K camcorder with a 35mm sensor, and have been shooting footage in 4k and down sampling to 1080p in the export.
    I’ll have to say it’s fantastic to shoot this way, because acquisition in 4k not only produces a better 1080p when exported, but cropping of the image, even up to three or four times original size, looks fantastic.
    Even if the 4k upgrade isn’t what we might want at the moment, I’m sure Sony will improve it in future firmware updates. But beyond that, the 4k version they do give us will look better than 1080p, even if we only use 4k in limited instances for shots we know we will be able to crop for good affect in post.
    I’ve been concentrating on this camera lately, and it really is fantastic. Hard to imagine run and gun much better.
    I customize my buttons, so no. 1 is now “set white balance” and no. 3 is not Slow Mo, and a few other changes and now hardly have to go into my menus at all while shooting. I point to something white, get my exposure, press button no. 1 and, voila! I’m white balanced!–no menu searching required.
    Also, put focus peaking in the buttons, so I can get my focus, and then, with the push of a button, eliminate it so I can actually see what I’m shooting. EZPeeZee.
    As someone in business, Joe, I’m sure you know the worst thing you can do to a customer is raise expectations and then disappoint them.
    Well, that is just what Sony has done, and it has soured lots of people on this wonderful cam. If they want studio quality 4k let them get a JVC like mine. But to have 4k, and long Gop 1080p and 10 bits—ain’t too shabby.
    I wonder if you’re still pleased with the X70?


    • I’ve actually gotten quite a few comments on that issue. Interestingly, if you recall my review of this camera, I wrist slapped Sony Marketing right up front. Sony’s just too big. Apple’s big (and in better financial condition) but they never seemed to lose sight of the customer. Yeah, I know a lot of people complain about Apple, but those are just die-hard complainers. Sony just hasn’t coped well enough with their ambitious expansion that was more toward the dollar than toward the quality of product and service that begets the dollar.
      Now tell me–what exactly did you do to set up that white balance button. I really want to know. If you give me the step-by-step (and with your permission) I’ll publish it here as a separate article as that’s the sort of useful information cameramen really want. For some reason, the manual white balance aspect of the X70 was never very clear to me and certainly not traditional. As to the X70 for me, it’s user-friendliness and image quality is why I love it. Being about to easily and quickly enter manual mode and control 2 or 3 different parameters leaving the camera to do the rest is very handy when I’m not in full auto running around and I don’t have time. And being able to trust that intelligent auto is part of why I like it.


  6. I can confirm that, as of this firmware update and the latest FCPX update, FCPX will allow for direct import and editing of XAVC-L.
    I haven’t decided yet whether editing on FCPX with XAVC-L is as good and fast as transcoding the codec to Pro Res and then importing for editing.
    I’ll try both and see how it goes.


  7. Actually I did download it. And looking around just above the version display in the same section you do your formatting there is part termed “option.” There you’ll find the 4k–and the information that you need a key to install it.


  8. Joe,
    As always your communiques are clear, concise and very helpful. I performed the update with seemingly no problem.
    My version now reads v. 2, and I do see some additional functions. But I don’t see any 4k option requiring a “key” to activate–or any indication there is the possibility of a 4k option.
    So, I have a two part question:
    If that option exists where should I find it in the menu?
    If that option does not exist does that mean I did something wrong in the update?


    • I think we’re going to have to wait to here from Sony. It’s supposed to be a paid upgrade, so since this update was free, to unlock the 4K aspect I assume there will be a fee paid and a code offered to unlock it. Just guessing, but I’m sure we’ll hear about it soon.


      • Joe, thanks for your quick response. I think the problem I’m encountering looking at my download of v2 firmware is I cannot find a 4k option anywhere in the menu—I would be assuming the 4k option would be “grayed out” indicating a code is needed…, but, to sound tedious, I don’t find an option of any kind anywhere. So that sort of perplexes me.

        If you’ve done the download have you been able to find the 4k option anywhere in the menus???? If so, where?

        I’m hearing a lot of grousing about how lousy Sony has been in all this, not meeting deadlines, not communicating, and then offering the lowest quality version of 4k on the market. It’s easy to feel cheated. And I don’t blame anyone for complaining. Sony is handing us a rotten deal on 4k, when I’m sure a large number of those who purchased it purchased it for the promised 4k.

        Sony, you suck and you need to make up for your lousy service, and over promising, over pricing, and under delivering something inferior to what was expected. I mean, even the AX100 has 4k at 100 bps.

        Having said that, the camera, its functioning, the image quality, the stabilization, the XAVC-L codec, the clear zoom using cropping—they are fantastic. For those reasons it’s hard to think of getting rid of the X70.

        If they finally deliver decent 4k, I’ll be grateful to have the feature on one of the best run and gunners money can buy. But even without it, this is a hell of a camera and let’s you get virtually every shot.

        In the midst of frustration with Sony I try to keep all those positives in mind. But, still, I’d love to see the 4k the X70 lens and 1″ sensor produce.


  9. I found the update and downloaded it. As usual Sony makes it as obscure and difficult as possible. I really despise the way these big companies are so aloof, and how they make finding what you need so absurdly difficult.
    Yes, finally, we get the promised update. But, as usual, we get nothing definite—not one shred of information, about when the 4K update will be available.
    This is completely unacceptable. What’s unacceptable? That everything they do is shrouded and obscure for customers who have been faithful Sony patrons.
    They should have more respect for the people who actually put the pay in their paychecks.

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