Boris FX Filter Package Giveaway

Boris (1) Features: 21 Filters & 300+ Presets • Stagelights, Spotlights & Volumetrics • 3D Lens Flares & Sweeps • Glitters, Glares & Glints  • Cross-host License Compatibility:  Adobe After Effects, Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer, FCP X (Motion 5), Resolve, Sony Vegas Pro Operating Systems:  MAC OS-X, Windows Note: Go through the entire ordering process.

With the coupon code entered ‘bcclights’ just before hitting ‘submit order’ the price will change from $299 to $0. Valid until 31 July 2015.

Here’s another link for the same:

Some have replied to the first one saying “it doesn’t work”. It will work. If you’re not a current Boris FX customer and don’t have a login you do have to register. And you do have to fill in everything, including card details. The coupon window will be there the whole time, but the ONLY time it matters is after all other details are entered. You then enter the code and then hit submit. The price will change to $0 and where your card details were entered it will say (to the effect), “payment details not required”.

I received my download link and have downloaded and installed. So don’t worry. All they’re getting out of this is your email address and your details so that–if you want–you can easily order and pay for anything else in the future.

24 responses

  1. Went through the registration fine. When I got to the cart, I did not fill in any credit card info at all. I entered the bcclights code, the price changed to zero and everything went through fine.


  2. Joe,

    I left them feedback regarding the giveaway not working with the code you provided. They responded with the correct code, which is bcclights (an extra c). You may wish to update folks.



  3. Joe, It would not accept the coupon code bclights (below). Too bad. Sign me . . . Feeling scammed because they harvested my name, address, and email. John


    • Not sure what the problem is. I just checked both of those links and both show the code. The first link shows an incorrect code (BClights) as mentioned, but also mentioned, the correct code is ‘bcclights’ which does show correctly on the second link. Maybe try a different browser. I think I did it on Chrome. According to the comments below, some had trouble but then sorted it out, but no one mentioned not finding the code or being able to register. Give it another shot.


  4. Tried both web site links. I could not get it to work. After registering & entering all info and code it still showed $299. Do you need to own Boris FX product?


    • I’ve never owned a Boris product. They may be good, but they’re too expensive as far as I’m concerned. So I use Pixel Film Studios stuff which is great, inexpensive and with something new every week–and with 25% discounts every US holiday. So…, when Boris gives something away, that’s right up my price range.


  5. I too came to the page of billing info, but I didn’t dare to fill them in. I was afraid I also could loose 300$.
    So I was about the leave it all, but saw that I could fill in the code (bcclights) on the right side of the page, and then the page updated and gave the message “No billing info requested” and I could proceed.
    And when I looked in my mail inbox halleluja 😉 here was the link to the free download.
    HUGE thanks to the Whisperer………and BORIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. Hey Joe! Thanks! This is great! I was able to download the “Full” package for $0 without a hitch. Here’s the think: before you submit the order you just have to enter the code and click the refresh arrow and the $299 will change to $0. Then you can go ahead and submit order without entering any credit card info. Thanks again!


  7. With the right code “bcclights”, it works! You don’t have to enter your credit card data.
    Thank you Whisperer for your reminder.


  8. it worked for me…. eventually. You have to click on the little light coloured arrow to the side of the coupon box to activate it – I tried hitting the enter or tab key with no success and the code is bcclights there is a c missing in the original post.
    Thanks Joe, well happy.


  9. That means that one needs to fill-in ones credit card details and hit ‘submit order’ before getting the screen to fill-in the code?


  10. Couldn’t get it to work, stayed at £299 right through no matter how many times I put the code in? probably doing it wrong but I gave up. Hope I don’t get junk mail 😦


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