FCPX Color Correction–Using Scopes, by Larry Jordan

Great little video that shows you why and how an editor uses scopes in color correction, including some nice little FCPX surprises you may not have known.

Even if you use Color Finale (like I do), this video gives you some vital (and simple) basics that are needed to make it all work right.

One response

  1. This is a great video. Thanks for sharing it.
    I actually bit the bullet and bought Larry’s full FCPX tutorial, and I think this is included in it.
    I’ve worked with color correction in FCPX for several years now–and if you can’t read scopes you might as well be blind. The global adjustment for skin tones is brilliant. But, IMO, the vector adjustments in Color Finale add the final touch.
    I like to review this video often because I always learn something new from it or an reminded of something I’ve been forgetting. But getting back to skin tone…
    In this video of Larry Jordan I note his face is a red color reminiscent to me of the red of a candy cane. In my view all too many camcorders makers slant their reds toward magenta. Panasonic GH4 is an exception which slant their reds to more of an orange–I personally prefer that.
    Getting the candy cane look out of faces is maddening. I could never do it with satisfaction in FCPX with the tools they supplied without messing something else up.
    The isolation of color in the vector adjustment of Color Finale, and the ability to change hue, sat., and luminance in isolation is just brilliant–it was the refining/finishing tool for hue I’d always looked for.
    My people’s skin tones no longer make them look like rosy cheeked, ruddy souls who have just ended a shift in Santa’s workshop–and I’ve got Color Finale and Denver Riddle to thank for it.
    Larry Jordan is a wonderful, personal and personable teacher—one of the best and clearest. I wonder what his response to Color Finale has been???


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