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  1. as a ‘poor pc user’ I am left out of most of the editing stuff !!

    I know sony maybe is all about money (but I CANNOT AFFORD APPLE) I did though on expert opinion buy the NX30 !!

    any PC editing input would be appreciated could we create a “sub group”


    • Unfortunately I’m as foreign to pcs as you might be to Macs, so I can’t really offer much advice on pcs or their programs. But feel free to post your pc questions here if you want to be answered by any other pc users that may read this blog. I’m sure, however, that there are plenty of other blogs that are more specific to you editing program needs. Anyway, except for posting the occasional thing like the recent one on FCPX tools, I rarely talk about the program itself. Editing is the same process regardless of the software you use to edit with.


  2. Joe,

    No offense but I rather wish you’d broaden your perspectives beyond Final Cut. For example, since you like Sony’s cameras, did you know they offer editing software called Vegas, which is rarely written about? I’d especially value your take.

    John Beech


    • Sorry John, but I’m an Apple user and Apple fan. I know well that other NLE work well (I worked in a studio in the 80s that had the largest Avid bay in the world I think), but I moved to FCP 7 when I went solo because it was affordable and did just about everything Avid did for a fraction of the price…and stayed on ever since, upgrading to X after it was out a year since FCP 7 was working fine and I knew there would be bugs to iron out and 3rd party software to catch up. All that has happened as I knew it would. I feel that FCPX is the iPhone of editing software (back in the days before there was anything like an Iphone produced by anyone else–which of course they’re all doing now). But more to the point, I undoubtedly edit 3X faster with FCPX then I did with FCP7 (which is more or less what Adobe and Avid are more like). So I have no need to broaden my horizons when I have a fast, fun and robust system that works. Vegas might work fine, but you won’t find it in any professional house. There its Avid, Apple and Adobe. Besides, though I have Sony cameras, I am THOROUGHLY UNIMPRESSED with their concept of customer support and feedback. I’ve probably sold more NX30s and X70s through my blog and video review than any one else (video views and % of viewing time of those reviews FAR exceed any other review–including their own videos– and I constantly get feedback either here or on the other blog or through email and other sources). But I can’t even get local Sony Marketing in UK to lend me a camera to review. Apple is big, but Sony is such a monolithic and overgrown company so badly organised that their PR is hopeless. It’s all about money. As much as Apple haters complain about Apple, at least Apple stays on the cutting edge of providing software that’s user friendly and meets or exceeds user needs. That’s their DNA, so I have little interest in any other software producer at the moment.


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