Quick Note

I’m in China currently with my wife who is working on several sculpture commissions which I’m documenting. Won’t be publishing anything new until I get back in January.

I’ll be finally updating my X70 to 4k for a London project then, so over the following weeks I’ll have some stuff to share–including notes on the Mac Pro which I recently got and haven’t had much of a chance to use, though I did wrap up one project on it. Seems about 10X faster than my iMac.

Will also upload a review of Morphcut which is a fantastic plug-in I used on my last corporate video.

Till then, I wish you all a happy holiday season.



5 responses

  1. Wishing you and your lovely wife a wonderful time in China. Her sculptures, the ones I’ve seen, are awesome! Merry Xmas to both of you.


  2. Hi Joe,

    A very Happy Christmas to you both too.

    I have found your blog really useful over the past year and as a result are now the Proud owner of a Sony PXW X70 myself. Looking forward to hearing about your 4K experiences as I still need to make the upgrade.

    Looking forward to hearing more from you in the New Year.

    Many thanks.



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