So how do you do a 60 edit for Instagram of the Duchess of Rutland whizzing around the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham where she’s been invited to give a 45 minute talk on the Capability Brown landscape at Belvoir Castle–and for which reason her intro, upon alighting from the Bentley, was about just that?

Well, you can’t.

Fortunately, she trusts me, so I axed most of that and picked out a few bits of dialogue to show that the Duchess is a regular person and juxtaposed a few shots with humour for good measure.

The whole Capability Brown thing will be extracted as a separate two-part video.

Apparently, the 60-second thing was seen 500 times the first day on Instagram.

I’m an Instagram neophyte. I have an account registered and that’s about it.

But apparently, it’s the best thing since sliced bread, and almost as good as the promised release of the new FCPX in a few weeks’s time.

No idea what they do with videos on Instagram.

But I’d better start finding out soon, eh? –Cuz I have a few things I’d like people to know about…

Run ‘n Gun Bootcamp in southern France, for example.

Note: When the Duchess mentions ‘the Engine Yard’ at the end, she’s referring to the Belvoir Castle Country Retail Village opening soon, a renovation of the old ‘engine yard’ where the various tradesmen that kept up the castle were based (carpentry shop, etc.) in buildings built in Victorian times.


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  1. Joe,

    Like I’ve said before, the lady is a natural on camera. Anyway, apropos of that . . don’t you find Engine Yard rolls off the tongue while Belvoir Castle Country Retail Village sounds a little like a pretentious little strip mall? Seems to me the lady instinctively knows this – why continue fighting it? Living in Florida makes me a thoroughly disinterested observer so if this comment would offend the lady, please delete this paragraph before she sees it. It would pain me to be the source of hurt.

    This brief blog post is the reason I read your blog. You have an insightful and keen way of looking at things and thus, I await your further report regarding making use of Instagram with respect to video because I too am an Instagram novice.


    • Thanks Ger, Cool. Yeah, I actually did one like that (with captions and all in a square format) for another client once as a sample. Was never used. In this case I really couldn’t be bothered. Indeed, when I start doing them for myself, I’ll probably go the whole 9 yards. Cheers, Joe


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