Your Equipment Does Not Define You or Your Skills























(originally posted on my Run and Gun Video Blog , but seems not too many people follow that one, so sharing it here)


I noticed my book cover on Amazon along with some of the related ones being promoted (and their covers) which reminded me at the same time of the many postings I’ve seen of people’s equipment. Some nice stuff and some Frankenstein monsters, but the underlying message (despite what was being said) was usually, ‘look at me’.

You know, the guy posts a shot of a whole load of expensive stuff with the caption: ‘off to do a blah-blah shoot’. Since surely nobody cares that he’s off to do a shoot, the obvious intended message is ‘look at all my cool stuff and be envious’.

Now look at the cover above.

That was very deliberately posed. Of course there was a humorous analogy with and throughout the book of the camera being a gun (so the Marlboro man hat and coat forwarded that), but note that the relatively small and unfancy camera is just dangling from the hand as if it were a 6 shooter and he’s off to shoot some vermin on the ranch that are stealing his chickens–or off to the OK Corral  to dispatch Billy the Kid for that matter.

The gun, the camera are tools, they are not the man.

They come out when it’s time to do the job and the pro doesn’t care what you think about them.

They’re taken care of, oiled and cleaned as any professional would treat his equipment, but except for a few of the narcissistic crazies, they don’t sleep with them, pose with them in the mirror or caress them fondly when no one is looking.

They’re just tools.

And look here: The gun that killed Billy the Kid didn’t even have a laser scope on it.



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  1. I’ve been a run and gun – one man band for most of my business career. I have worked in the industry when I have crew and facility support but I enjoy the freedom to create on my own. When small cameras and studios in a laptop came, everyone was a “producer”. I just guide folks to my site and let them know I have the experience to help them, using what I have in my head not in my gear closet. (Old Sony HVRZ7U…) scruffy dog productions


  2. I don’t have much and it sure isn’t very expensive. I just make do with what I have and continue to be everyone’s – Memory Maker.
    what am I using. Sony HXR-NX5U. Shortly after bought the HXR-NX30 as my second cam after seeing Joe’s review on YouTube. Thanks for the video. Love this little guy.
    Recently added a Canon 80D.
    As said – not expensive gear but have been creative with many videos since 2001.


  3. I have been asked to shoot visuals at a party & have already informed them that I will be using a miniscule extreme camera and a super compact palm held Lumix. I make a point that I have no heavy or flashy equipment, just me and my expertise.. If they decide they want sound too I will bring my Sony X70 & attach it to the sound consul. The point is I am not competing with TV studios or Film crews and just getting on with my craft. The edited product is the proof in the pudding.


  4. Love it…just love it, Joe! I refuse to get into the “my [insert latest hot gadget here] is bigger, better, badder, faster than yours!” debates. None of that means bupkis if you don’t have the creative sensibilities when you look through the viewfinder!


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