Double interviews

Normally I hate double interview shots. I’ve even advised against it in my book I think.

The reason, of course, is because the guy who’s not talking is sitting there like a lump on a log.

So I told these guys they could stand side by side and chat and I’d feature one or the other as we went.

But I changed my mind.

They actually pulled it off.

I just held the camera and let them talk.

If you don’t know, Phil Burtt is the David Beckham of the shooting world. He’s known internationally and is also a very nice bloke.

So this whole video was done on the strength of his name. And he knew exactly what to say.

So I let it ride and with very little editing and some judicious B roll, I thought it came off very well.

Yes, it’s a bit long, but if you’re a soccer fan and the video features David Beckham, you’re going to watch the whole thing.

And so it is with this one for those in the world of shooting.

6 responses

  1. motion pictures are in state-of-the-art mode in this piece. The cuts are perfect. The two talents could’ve been better centered but the low angle was the perfect choice for the story. The audio suffers a bit. If you don’t like to process (I don’t like it ,. nobody does) maybe 2 lavalier giant squid on 1 zoom H1 (and a 3.5 mono to 2 stereo adapter) can save you from processing. 1 clap at the beginning to sync and your sound will be good (to stellar good) without touching anything.


    • Mark, my Sony wireless lapel was down, so used the rifle. Anyway, I usually put some time into mixing the audio and even have Izotope RX6 Advanced for problems. But this time the real problem was that I was not in my usual set-up. Edited on a MBP with a HDMI cable over to a 46″ Samsung. No headphones, I was clueless on color (so just used the scopes) and on the audio had no idea except that judging by the laptop sound and the TV sound, it was clear and audible if not perfect. So I’m wondering what it is you’re hearing (what is it suffering?). I could still fix it as I’m going back to my set-up in England this week.


      • I thought the audio was spot on. Surprisingly so given the chance for a breeze at any time introducing wind noise or other ambient sounds. The voices sound close-up, as if the mic was below the camera perhaps? Anyway, I don’t hear anything suffering or needing a fix. I didn’t listen on headphones, but it surely passed my test. (I also didn’t notice any framing/centering issues). This shoot is a good example of the KISS principle. I can’t imagine any improvement in audio with 2 lavs and an external recorder. Having to manage all of that along with the risks of rubbing noises, breath, wind, imbalanced audio, levels too high or low, off axis, head turning, the list goes on. Not to mention how that setup can really put the talent (and shooter) on edge and kill the whole thing. Just my 2 shillings.


  2. Very nice!
    I like the simplicity. Your setup is minimal. You’re standing close enough to them that I suppose your audio is just a short shotgun mounted on the camera(?) or something similar. I just shot a 2-person conversation yesterday and am still gradually unloading the car full of gear it took to do that with 3 cameras. I didn’t have B-roll in my case, so opted for 3 cameras to vary the view and make edits. But I’ll keep this minimal approach in mind for next time. Nice drone shots too!


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