My Town


My Town?

Frankly I think this blog has run its course. Couldn’t think of anything of much interest to post or comment on.

There is one tiny difference in this video though.

If you’ve followed me, you know I’ve often said that I shoot everything hand held (using both Sony PXW X70 and HXR NX30) except for sit down interviews. That’s the only thing I use a tripod for.

Well, this one has sit down and stand up interviews and they’re all hand-held–which means, except for the drone shots, and one locked-down camera shot during one of the concerts, the whole video is hand-held.

I shot about 98% of it. Ironically a couple of the ‘hand-helds” that weren’t so lovely were shot by someone else. But still, who cares? It is what it is. It’s a live music festival.

One guy who was shooting with an OSMO gave me his footage. I used one shot.

As far as my comment about this blog having run its course, I do expect to be posting more later this year on drones. That will be the next generation of Video Whisperer posts featuring the Mavic Pro II.

As to ‘my town’, well, this is where I live. My house is the one with blue shutters in the center of the photo above and is right across from the Market Square where the main night concert was held.

We’re doing it again this coming August, only bigger.

If any of you Sony owners fancy a little vacation to southern France and can get yourself here, I’ll put you up and feed you in exchange for being a second cameraman. I say Sony owners for ease of color matching in post.

Any takers?

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  1. Love the My Town video. I use both the PXW X70 and the NX30. What do you edit on. I still don’t seem to get the “creamy” look that you often acheive. Do you do much colour grading. Regards Lester

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    • Hi Lester, regarding color grading, yes. I mainly use the FCPX color wheels and often the Hue and Saturation curves. I follow the advice Denver Riddle gave in a video about the new FCPX color tools when they came out (and before he released Cinema Grade). I have Cinema Grade, but honestly have mainly stuck with the FCPX color tools. I highly recommend finding that Denver Riddle video on the FCPX Color tools. You’d be surprised how much fun it is (and how easy)


  2. Hi Joe, I really enjoy your blog, following your recommendation I bought an X70 and have loved the images that I have got from it. Despite lots of practice I still have a lot to learn to get my handheld shots as steady as yours. It is so refreshing to see someone who is not changing his camera every 5 minutes.

    I hope you don’t end the blog, it has been great to see your work both in the UK and France and I hope you have more to share.

    I was about to buy a Mavic 2 Pro but have held back for now due to see what sort of backlash there would be after the Gatwick incident. Your take on drone photography, together with some drone shots of rural France would be something that I personally would look forward to – Please don’t give up on the blog,

    Best wishes,



    • Hi Carl, Thanks. No, it won’t disappear, but it won’t be as active as it used to be as I’ve pretty much made any point I wanted to make. As to the Gatwick incident, I wouldn’t worry about it. The Mavic Pro 2 will blow your mind. Seriously. Just get it.


    • (thought I replied to this, but maybe didn’t hit ‘send’) Anyway, thanks Carl. No the blog won’t end. As to the Gatwick incident, don’t worry about it. Get the Mavic Pro II. It will blow your mind. Seriously.


  3. Hi Joe
    Just read my earlier comment and it seems a bit abrupt, comes of doing something quickly before I go out! Anyway what you probably would like to see is some kind of festival coverage from potential second shooters. You may not want me to post a link on your page but if you would like to see something in a similar vein then maybe search my name on Vimeo together with Dickens Christmas Festival. I filmed it in 2014 – with a Canon XF100. I switched to the Sony Z90 about a year ago as the Canon was showing its age a bit.


    • Hi Steve, Thanks. Did watch the Dickens thing. Good job. The Festival one’s been covered though. You’re still welcome to come though, except I won’t necessarily be able to put you up as it’s a full house already.


  4. Joe:

    I have a wedding pending on the 17th. If confirmed, that would knock me out of the running. I have three pxw-x70 Sonys hat I use primarily for testimonial video recording. These are used in conjunction with a Zoom f8 linked to Sennheiser avx microphones (probably not much value for b-roll.

    If you are still searching for someone next week, please let me know.

    Roy Frye

    “Exceeding expectations is the easy part.”

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  5. Joe,

    Has this blog gotten into a bit of a rut? Yes, I agree, it has. That said, I still read it but usually only when I get around to it instead of drop everything! If I may make a suggestion; how about occasionally comparing cameras that catch your eye to those you use and love. Face it, both are getting long in tooth.

    Also, you settled on FinalCut an editor but there are others. Perhaps try out the one from the guys who make the Blackmagic cameras, DaVinci resolve. Or Adobe Premier. Or what was once Sony’s Vegas. Then tell us what you liked and didn’t like.

    The point being, at present 100% of your knowledge and experience in the edit bay are largely locked away from those of us who don’t use an Apple computer for editing. And no offense against Apple but they’re greatly in the minority. Anyway, I mention Resolve first because you can get it for free and they seem intent on evolving it.


    • Hi John, appreciate your comments but I’m sort of reaching the end of this career and more or less retiring. Yes, those cameras are a bit long in the tooth, but amazingly still working as new after all these years and good enough for me. I’d take a Z90 if someone gave me one, but the next thing I’ll pay for is a Mavic Pro II drone and I’ll transfer most of my fun to there while doing the occasional video commission. As to NLE’s, there are plenty of comparisons already out there. I need to spend my time learning French, which is hard enough, — not another NLE!


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