Social Justice Warriors

This is a statue that my wife, Laury Dizengremel, was commissioned for.

I will link to two of my videos, one all about this statue, and a more general one about my sculptor wife, which includes snippets of this commission.

Anyway, it was commissioned for the 300th anniversary of the founding of New Jersey in the United States. This guy, Sir George Carteret, born 1610, served as Baliff on the Isle of Jersey off the coast of France. He was involved in all sorts of things quite commendable, but sorely covered in the Wikipedia article I just read. But to one small point, the reason he was granted a piece of land in the U.S. by the new King Charles, was that Carteret defended the young Charles during a tumultuous period of the English monarchy that eventually led to the beheading of his father, King Charles the 1st. And Carteret was the first to proclaim young Charles the new King of England when it wasn’t so popular at the time to do so. Anyway, Charles became the next king of England and as a reward for Carteret’s shelter and support in an environment of anti-royalty and hanging kings, King Charles II gave Carteret a tract of land in the New World, which Carteret, the Baliff of Jersey, named ‘New Jersey’. (which happens to be where I grew up).

It was also back in the days when slavery was a hot source of labor for the elite of the time.

Anyway, if you think modern history and international relations are complex now, this was back in the wild, wild, west of international relations. And if you think I’m defending monarchy and all that went along with it, no. That’s beside the point. It’s just history–something that social justice warriors have no understanding of except what they are spoon-fed by various agenda pushers and financiers.

And Sir George did indeed dabble in it a bit.

So, as you can imagine, with the various shenanigans going on in the U.S., with mass protests amazingly coordinated and financed by people like George Soros, which have been exported to other countries around the world, George’s statue was vandalized twice. The photo above was the second time in a month or two. That’s blood on his hands and chains at his feet.

So let me make a couple of points.

  1. Who amongst us is aware of what our white ancestors have done that isn’t considered humane or polite today? Any of us have Vikings in our family tree somewhere. Vikings who raped and pillaged villages? Any of us have Catholics in our family tree who, as members of the Spanish Inquisition tortured and killed non-believers? Hey, I live in Southern France. An entire Christian religious sect called the Cathars were wiped out by the Inquisition. For defense, they build castles on the tops of impossibly steep rocky mountains. They’re scattered all around here.The Inquisition and their armies would camp at the base and starve them out over many months. One near here, Mon Seguir, wound up in sort of a truce. They were given the chance to come down and relinquish their beliefs or walk into a funeral pyre. Many walked into the fire and died rather than do so. What about modern religions in the Middle East where stoning to death for imagined transgressions is still practiced? What about the various genocides that have happened around the world? In other words, who amongst us doesn’t have ancestors guilty of crimes against humanity.
  2. But more to the point, RIGHT HERE AND NOW IN THE PRESENT DAY about 40 millions people are trafficked by human traffickers. Mainly women, but 40% are children. Why isn’t the media and all the social justice warriors all over this??

Just because slavery existed a couple hundred years ago for Blacks and they can sort of point to relatively recent heredity to say they had a great or great, great grandmother/father who were slaves doesn’t justify the complaint that they are owed anything now. Black slavery in the modern western world hasn’t existed for a couple hundred years. Many generations. Yeah, it was bad, but people did bad things back then. Get over it. It ain’t happening now.

But child slavery and female slavery and other sorts are happening RIGHT NOW and it affects millions RIGHT NOW. You want a cause? Get onto that one that matters right now. Sorry if your great, great grandfather was a slave. You aren’t. You’re just a slave to some unsavory characters who favor anarchy and have the money to finance your movement and the toppling of governments. Don’t think that these ‘spontaneous’ protests and riots just happen. They are organised and paid for.  You’re a slave to them and you’re just a slave to the media who are owned by these sorts.

Wake up. You’re fighting the wrong war.

History was then. Learn from it.

What’s really happening in the present is far more important.

Here’s the story of the Sir George Carteret statue and why it was deemed a significant historical monument. Incidentally, neither my wife or the official on Jersey who commissioned it was aware of any slavery connection at the time, despite research and consultation with historians.  So maybe history was white-washed a bit in this case. But when isn’t it? It comes down to who writes histories and what they want to be known and remembered. Very much like the main stream media who write stories they want you to know and remember. If it doesn’t fit the narrative, you don’t hear it.

Like George Flyod. You heard and saw what they wanted you to hear and see.

Interestingly, it was the BBC in England that first released the full police bodycam footage of the entire event. Not the U.S. media and, (forgive me if I’m wrong because I don’t live there now), it wasn’t released by the mainstream there either–because it didn’t follow the narrative. BUT. with that footage and the autopsy report, the whole ‘I can’t breathe’ narrative takes on an entirely different look. Listen, if you’re stuck on it, fine. But if you want to know the whole story of what really happened, tragic as it was, dig into it. The data is there on the web. If you’re really interested, I can point you in the right direction, but I shouldn’t ‘t have to.

And here’s a little video I did for my sculptor wife some time ago before the media descended upon her to demand her reasoning for making a statue of Sir Geoge Carteret.







2 responses

  1. I have often mused that those who study History do not seem to learn from it. Deleting history removes the option from learning from it entirely.


  2. Same here. Yesterday a district council of Berlin renamed the Mohrenstraße (Mohr is a very old fashioned word for a Black African) in an instant and renamed it after a largely unknown coloured university lecturer, who was teaching in Germany in the 18th Century – actually not even in Berlin. It’s a very central road in the city center with businesses, shops and so on. For people living and working there, it means quite an investment to change all sorts of things, from business cards to catalogues up to stickers on their cars. One should think, that the neighbourhood was asked before, but … nope! The whole process was triggered by some dodgy activists like “Initiative Berlin postcolonial”, local 3rd class politicians obeyed and now everyone has to deal with it.

    If we ever get a new sort of fascism, it’ll start like this: Denying any kind of qualified debate or democratic proceedings for the sake of political correctness. I considered myself to be left winged for decades, but not anymore. These guys care about symbols, not about social justice. They’re basically fine with the system we live in, they just want more power for themselves. Rather “progressive neoliberals” (Nancy Fraser) then social warriors.


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