Chalabre, France | Four Seasons from the Air

Chalabre, France | Four Seasons from the Air

The funny thing about taking a year to do a video of the 4 seasons is that no matter how hard you try, with all the rest of life going on, you don’t get all the shots you want. You run out when conditions seem right, shoot a shot, and then find out a half an hour after you left there was a dramatic sky with rainbows….that sort of thing. In the end, I used what I got, and in a few cases there, I actually got what I was looking for.

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  1. Your work is always inspirational and highly enjoyable – thank you! I’ve pondered getting a drone for some time, just to get buttery smooth footage like that for B-roll, but it seems the regulations are getting worse and worse, to the point that anyplace you would actually wish to use it, is prohibited.


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