I’m back.

It’s been a year since I published anything here and not much in the 2 Covid years before.

It’s time I got back to work.

Like many, I had a 2 year drought during Covid. In fact I had ZERO commissions. But I was busy renovating a couple houses here in Southern France anyway.

Then things picked up a few months ago in England and I even had a big job to do in the US which I recently returned from, so there’s lots to share.

Let’s start with something non-corporate.

Jennie is a good friend of ours. 25 years ago she started a high end deli in London called Bayley & Sage. When we met her she had 2 stores, the original in Wimbledon and the second in Parson’s Green London. I think she has 12 now, but I lose count. If you live in London, you must visit one of her stores.

10 years ago Jennie was diagnosed with a serious case (Stage 3, I think) of ovarian cancer. It’s a killer almost 100 percent of the time, even if knocked into remission once or twice.

Well, Jennie is unkillable. If you know of anyone with this challenge, send them the video I did of Jennie 10 years ago (second video below). It’s inspiring as well as informative.

This first video done last September was a celebration of the 25th anniversary of Bayley and Sage, and the 10th anniversary of her dog Bayley and 10 years of Jennie being cancer-free.

She invited all her friends her house in St Remy de Provence in France for a 3 day bash during the famous Bull Run in St Remy.

I just shot B roll for 3 days, then asked her for her favourite songs.

This is just an assembly edit using those songs.

I wouldn’t expect everyone to watch the whole thing because these people mean nothing to you, but it is a good study in what you can do with that simple formula: Candidly capture wonderful moments and edit to the person’s favourite music, copyright-be-damned. (you’ll just get stuck with ads appearing on the video)

That said, please do at least watch a few minutes from the 10 minute mark. It’s one of the magical things where a transition in music (a BeeGee’s song used for the disco party) to a slow motion sequence of the bull run (where I almost got gored!) couldn’t have been more perfect.

And here’s the one from 10 years ago:

Still cancer-free 10 years later

11 responses

  1. Hi John, nice to hear from you and that things are going well. Got a drone? I recommend the Mavic Pro. I’ve got the 2. The 3 is out and is obviously an upgrade, but you can get the Mavic Pro 2 (used even) for cheap. And they’re amazing!


  2. I will always stop what I’m doing to watch your work! Welcome back. Have thought of you over the past couple of years and hoped that you were doing well. In the past year I have embarked on wildlife photography/videography because I’m crazy and don’t ever want to have free time (or any remaining money). But it is rewarding and therapeutic far more than I’d have imagined. I hope to someday be able to tell a story visually the way you do. I know I won’t get that good – but it is the journey that counts!
    In addition to the Justin Opinion channel, I now have the Knights and Weekends channel for the new work. If you are bored and care to visit, I welcome any feedback – however critical it might be.
    Be well – and keep the great content coming!


      • The very same. I couldn’t remember which moniker I used to use to correspond! Thank you for the kind words of encouragement! I wish I could be out doing that every day… perhaps when I retire.


  3. Hi Joe! Received an email about the videos so Diane and I both immediately watch both. An amazing and powerful person that Jennie. The three day party was one that I would like to attend for a year. What a blast. Loved the frequent presence of Bayley. My kind of dog. Great use of music. Powerful. As usual, well done. We are fine here with our recent Cocker Spaniel puppy Rocky, and 5 year old or so mostly German Shepard and German Shorthair Pointer, Ziggy. Ass the best a big hug for Laury.


  4. Glad you’ve survived the three years of COVID, Joe. Me? Ditto ‘and’ have done almost nothing in USA video-wise for modelSPORT. Fortunately, the ProModeler servo business has grown like a weed so I’ve been busy enough. Have added a couple of FS5 to the FS700 for the YouTube studio build so plans are afoot to get back to producing (they virtually give these things away as they’re obsessed with full frame, but whatever). Nice to see you producing again, you’re too good a talent to sit idle.

    John, contemplating the imminent arrival of Christmas with grandsons, from the warmth of Central Florida


  5. I was only thinking about you the other day and stumbled upon this video without really knowing anything about it, a truly inspiring story. Looking forward to hearing/seeing more from you – I’m still using my X70 after watching your camera reviews!


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