About the Photo

By the way, curious that no one asked about that photo (which I’m now using as my FB banner).

Yeah, after a 5 year hiatus, I got back on FB, but mainly to promote to the locals where I live (in case they want some old retired guy to do some personal or business related videos for them.)

Also got back on Twitter and LinkedIn. Gawd ‘elp me.

Anyway, in 1995 I was in Prague for a video. That was shortly after the fall of the Iron Curtain. Most of the city was still BLACK. They had just started cleaning the town centre revealing some of the most beautiful Gothic buildings in Europe. My wife, who’s travelled much of the world had never been and always wanted to visit Prague. So we went a couple weeks ago for a few days, staying in the ‘Grand Hotel Prague’ in the old town centre directly across from the famous ‘Astronomical Clock’, a marvel created over 600 years ago.

When I first visited Prague, I was impressed with the famous Charles Bridge, lined with statues (then black as soot). Many paintings, post cards and other graphics depict that bridge, often in Black and White with a single red colour (such as an umbrella). I always wanted to do that.

So the photo you see up there is ‘The Video Whisperer’ on the Charles Bridge wearing an actual red scarf. Yes, slightly treated for effect, but job done. If you look at the cover of the book “Run ‘n Gun Videography’, (there’s an ad for it on the right side bar) you’ll see a connection. No, I’m not carrying a camera, but there is an iPhone 13 in my right-hand pocket.

By the way, it’s a damn good book. Yeah, needs to be up-dated, but most of it is timeless and needs no update, so I won’t bother.

But I might finally get around to making it available in soft back.

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