28 Videos for a Healthy New Year

My very first client, Zenus Global Health, hired me 11 years ago to do a corporate video for their flagship health product, then known as ‘Optimum Detox’, now Microbiome Boost (pictured centre above).

He (Doug Widdifield) became good friends with my wife and I, but when we moved to England and later to France, we really lost touch.

Last September I got a message from him asking if I was available for a series of new videos. He had a budget. I told him ‘for that you can have me for a month’. And so I went back to the U.S. in November of last year–Las Vegas to be precise.

Doug is a real character. The kind you immediately like. And he seems to know EVERYBODY. Not much of an exaggeration, but the number of big names in Vegas (not to mention other parts of the U.S. and Canada) that he knows is a bit staggering. In fact, I met a few on both trips.

Anyway, turns out that in the last 11 years, unsurprisingly, he made a lot of new friends and contacts. One enthusiastic new friend, who worked for Netflix, wanted to do some videos for his products. He told the guy, ‘no, I’ve already got a video guy’. That’s when he contacted me again. Jeez! To me, that original video was slightly embarrassing (mainly due to video and sound quality at the time), but apparently it had done its job.

So I returned to ‘Joy City’ and did videos for each of his 6 products (including a long and short version of his flagship product), a bunch of short videos derived from the main interviews, a bunch of testimonials and a bunch of ‘shorts’.

In asking about his social media campaigns I found out that he hired an outfit in San Diego who were well recommended with high ratings. But clearly they were doing the bare minimum to get their pay check because it wasn’t impacting his statistics in the slightest. So he dumped them and asked me to take it on.

Me and my big mouth. (just kidding).

Aside from the meager success of my blog several years ago and un-promoted YouTube channel, I’ve had little to do with social media for a few years now. I’ve only just re-signed up for FB and LinkedIn. My next task it to take on the Zenus social media sites and get them working. As part of that, I’ll create a blog for Zenus. Then I’ll start connecting up and engaging with relevant groups in the Wellness arena while launching videos and articles starting with shorts to get the interest of the actual public who might find benefit in Zenus’ offerings.

If you’re still with me, I’d like to start the process right here and hopefully get some feedback.

Following will be some of the shorts I plan to use to get the attention of those who find these subjects or comments interesting or intriguing. That will be be followed by the long version of the flagship product (which starts off with a bit of its history and ends with testimonials). I’d be appreciative of the feedback of anyone who watches all of this. And for those who do and also find interest in the subject, there will be a link at the end which is my affiliate site for Zenus. My first affiliate site! Boy I’m really getting modern.

Anyway, following are some of the shorts, one testimonial (of several) and the long version of the flagship product that includes a bit of its history and testimonials at the end.

By the way, can anyone tell me why you can’t pick thumbnails for YouTube shorts or what the work around is?

Alternative Medicine?
You Are What You Eat?
What Are Vitamins
Microbiome Boost Testimonial
Microbiome Boost, Long Version with some history and testimonials

For anyone who is interested in the product here and what else Zenus has to offer, following is my affiliate link.

BTW, before everything was known about (as covered in the video) it was being used to handle arthritic patients with great success as it’s also a very effective natural anti-inflammatory.

Zenus Global Health

2 responses

  1. The interviews are well lit and arranged, but the depth of field seems a bit outdated to me nowadays, as I’m not very keen on having a close look on table-lamps or paintings on the wall.

    Not sure what kind of camera you’re using, but if it’s a full format DSM, I’d suggest to use a good F 2.0 /35 – 50mm lens (with open aperture).

    Talking about the mise en scene: Why showing these guys in their living rooms or offices? Why not filming them on e.g. a food market, putting the camera on a gimbal?
    Let’s face it, the topic is boring, so it could help to bring some more action in.



    • Hi Jan, thanks for commenting. No it’s not a DSM, but a Sony PXW X70 regular video camera. Yes, I’d prefer the depth of field of a 2.0 but that’s just not part of my kit. One of the video interviews was shot out in the M0have desert, but I find it’s always best to do serious interviews indoors under controlled circumstances. And, for me, doing it on a gimbal moving around is just too modern and unnecessary. VOX POX yeah, but otherwise no.


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