Sony HXR NX30


In the drop-down menu under ‘Sony HXR NX30’ in the navigation menu you will find all the original articles I wrote on the Sony HXR NX30, each with samples of the camera in action during my initial tests and trials with the camera.

11 responses

  1. Watched some of your nice videos online. I own 3 NX-30’s and have used them since new. Terrific little camera and a real workhorse for run&Gun.
    However I can not locate an update for the firmware? Have you ever downloaded or saved a file?
    Keep up the good work.


  2. Good afternoon, I’ve asked you this before and you answered the question a while back, I just can’t find the thread anymore. What is a good replacement for the NX30? feature and price wise?
    Thank you.


    • I probably said to get the Sony Z90. It’s an upgrade of the PXW X70 (which I also did a review of), which itself (though an older camera which you can probably still buy) is a brilliant workhorse. Similar to the NX30, a bit more expensive, a bit larger, but easier to use in manual modes and a better access to menus (because it’s larger and has room for a few more buttons). It also has built-in ND filters which is an advance over the NX30. The Z90 is probably the cream of the crop in this price range.


  3. have you heard about any news regarding to why sony stop the nx30 production line? and why there’s no successor of the nx30? are they planning to stop making the small-professional camcorder? thanks!


    • Most people tend to think the PXW X70 is its successor, though that’s not official. Not that much more in terms of cost, stabilisation is just as good, same features as NX30 and more, 4K upgradeable, larger sensor, 2 card slots, ND filters built-in, much easier to access manual modes. No option for switching to stills, but that shouldn’t be of much concern to videographers.


  4. Masoud, FCPX automatically imports AVCHD files from the NX30. If you are running on FCP 7, I can only suggest to upgrade to FCPX. If you do have FCPX, write me again and tell me what problem you are having, because you shouldn’t be having a problem at all.


    • They’re all the same. The letter designation indicates mainly whether they are NTSC (eg US) or PAL (eg Europe). I think ‘U’ is the european PAL version. At any rate, if you buy it in the country you are in, you’ll get the right one.


      • Hi Joe,
        I bought a nx30 (PAL) and I realized that it does only make M2TS format and it is very awkward to convert many footages to mov format (I own already a converter but it takes it’s time 😦 ) Can you tell me the best way to make the footages out of nx30 ready for FCP please?


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