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I just checked up the reviews coming in on Amazon. Wow! Thanks all who took a moment to review it. I thought I’d assemble a good sampling (there were no bad ones!). These are copy-pasted from the Amazon site. A couple of them I edited to shorten (denoted by “…”)


Verified Purchase

As a photographer of 40 years experience who recently has made the move into video making, I have read more than my fair share of books/blogs about video making over the last couple of years.

This book fills in all the gaps and more! A great book, couldn’t put it down. There’s a lot of information that you just don’t get easily anywhere else. It’s more a ‘why and how’ kind of mental approach to making videos rather than a technical one, but there is some technical information in there if you’re new to photography or video. Even if you are a newbie and want to learn lot of technical stuff you should still buy this book as a supplement to more technical books. If you seriously want to improve your video making skills then this is undoubtedly the best £5 you will ever spend.

A real gem of a book. Genuinely useful and totally engaging., 16 Mar. 201

This book is an amazing find! It is one of those rare gems …

ByWisePurchaseron February 4, 2015

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

This book is an amazing find! It is one of those rare gems that occasionally crosses one’s path, if at all. I say this because the author has distilled a wide assortment of complex issues related to videography into one easy-to-understand source. The author, Joe Caneen, is a veteran videographer with years of industry experience – 30 years and counting, in fact. Yet, unlike many seasoned authorities of this caliber who usually get locked into trade convention or spout out-of-reach techno jargon, Mr. Caneen is refreshingly unpretentious and accessible. So, if you are a beginner videographer who values a didactic approach that fuses intellect with common-sense, that balances artistic technique with practicality, then the good spirits of fate have led you to the right place. Read this text! Learn the many nuggets of wisdom contained within! And you will most assuredly thank me later.


Verified Purchase

This review is from: Run ‘n Gun Videography: The Lone Shooter’s Survival Guide (Kindle Edition)

I really enjoyed this book. In fact I enjoyed it so much I read it from cover to cover. Short enough to let you do that, long enough to impart something useful… what makes this book the gem that is – a charming, personal, and informed account from a person who knows what he is talking about. Genuinely useful and totally engaging.

This Book Is An Inspiration

ByMark Johnsonon June 15, 2015

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

With “Run ‘n Gun Videography: The Lone Shooter’s Survival Guide”, Joe Caneen will help countless numbers of solo videographers over come a crippling condition known as OECD (Obsessive Equipment Comparison Disorder). Before reading the book, I thought I was immune, but as I read chapter after chapter I saw myself as one of the many that thought I always needed more, faster, bigger. “If I only had the new PanaSonyCon X200-HV50Z with the f1.1 Zeissmika lens, I could shoot video just like………” That was my train of thought until Joe Caneen, in plain simple language showed me how to approach a shoot and not get lost in the technology, to stay focused on the target and to make the most of best equipment I had…myself. This book is an inspiration.

Concrete advice for solo videographers

ByMatthewon January 21, 2015

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

Great read on fundamentals and advanced techniques of a solo videographer’s world. Easy to read and filled with practical info on lots of topics: gear choice, marketing yourself and your videos, interview tips, editing, what to charge for your services…. Written very conversational and witty, this book kinda feels like sitting down with a trusted mentor sharing his wisdom.

This Should be a Required Tex for Video and Film Students!!

ByM. Rajaon January 18, 2015

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

…I found it especially refreshing that the author first provides the fundamental and core concepts about larger practices (Read Chapter 2 as a great example of this) and then builds on that: this is what we do in our literary studies classes, where we encourage our students to learn the basics first and after that performing complex tasks becomes easier. It seems Joe has given his audience a kind of how-to-book that explains, beyond technique, the how and why aspects of the craft of videography!

This book will be highly useful to all those studying film or film production at college level and I, for one, am certainly going to recommend it as a possible text to the film department at my university!!!

Brilliant book from an authentic working professional explaining the concepts and mechanics of invisible camerawork

ByMiklos Nemethon January 11, 2015

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

Absolutely worth every penny. The book has general “life philosophy/wisdom” as well as videography/cinematography/photography (concepts) sections, and specific detailed technical chapters, too. The main advantage of reading a book like this is that it comes from the pen of an authentic/original source, a professional videographer who has been earning his family’s bread for decades on videography. On a couple of videography forums I found a number of excellent comments, but I wanted a book that you can read from page one to the end covering practically every aspects of videography.

Michael Reilly “mjr10j” (Liverpool)


Verified Purchase

This review is from: Run ‘n Gun Videography: The Lone Shooter’s Survival Guide (Kindle Edition)

A wake up call for the practicing video amateur.Joe shows you the kind of success you might aspire to if you can take pride in your productions and continue to learn your craft. He instructs you in how to raise the level of your own game.This book is another aid in becoming a pro.

This book and Joe’s tips have really helped me get started, 16 Jan. 2015 

Kenneth Mullinge

Verified Purchase

This review is from: Run ‘n Gun Videography: The Lone Shooter’s Survival Guide (Kindle Edition)

I’ve just finished reading Joe’s book and I have to say I found it very enjoyable and easy to read. He points out a number of things that I found very useful, the single main point which he makes (and I will not describe here) was more than worth the cost of the book alone. Definitely buy this book if you are interested in becoming a better videographer.

Kenny M

A no-nonsense book stuffed full of very good advice and tips, 16 Jan. 2015

J. J. Robertson “macleper” (UK)(REAL NAME)

Verified Purchase

This review is from: Run ‘n Gun Videography: The Lone Shooter’s Survival Guide (Kindle Edition)

A no-nonsense book stuffed full of very good advice and tips. Joe Caneen really knows his trade and gets straight to the point with his writing. I wish I’d read this book years ago instead of learning the hard way by making lots of mistakes!


Verified Purchase

This review is from: Run ‘n Gun Videography: The Lone Shooter’s Survival Guide (Kindle Edition)

I just bought this today and finished it tonight. Its a good honest book that really strips down the whole professional videography subject into core chapters. Its filled with really good advice that you can tell was earned in the field.

As I don’t have any professional paid experience yet, I was looking for this kind of book. Anything that can help me produce better quality videos for my future clients and possibly help to prevent me making silly mistakes is worth the asking price of this book.

As someone who is about to leave an engineering career to do what I always wanted to do, its good to find that extra little inspiration from a real professional in the game.

A good easy read, highly recommended for people who are thinking of going pro.

Highly recommended!!

ByC.P.Vaughnon May 30, 2015

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

Very well written guidebook for novice and pro videographers. It cuts to the chase with clear,

concise advice on shooting video. I first heard of Joe on Youtube and really enjoyed his reviews,

particularly of the Sony NX30u video camera. I now own this camera, and have shot many

videos to date. I really appreciate his input and look forward to more books and videos by him.

C.P. Vaughn

The best advice for solo videographers out there, buy it.

ByM. Griffithson April 1, 2015

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

A really great handbook for the ENG style videographer. Full of great sensible advice throughout and lots of useful tips. It confirmed many of the ideas I had developed and taught me a lot more. his experience of both film crews and working solo means he can pick the best bits from both and discard the more trendy and nonsensical bits the are sometimes bandied about.

Let Joe whisper in your ear

ByJoe Geoffreyon February 22, 2015

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

Great read for those of us entering in to the world of video. Helpful tips, thoughtful reminders of the mission – to communicate. Well done.

The most inspiring video teacher I have found!

ByJustin OpinionTOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon January 6, 2015

Format: Kindle EditionVerified Purchase

…Good quality cameras are readily available now on nearly every budget level. But if you want to get beyond “point it that way and hit the red button” skill level, you need advice and insight. And The Video Whisperer is the best I’ve found. In part, I freely admit, because I just like him. His personality and easy communication style are very relaxing and familiar. And I find that with that relaxed feeling, my mind is much more receptive to the information being given.

I make videos on YouTube – mostly about the shooting sports and guns in general, so I was not only not offended by the many gun references, I enjoy them. If you are of a different opinion on that topic, don’t fret – the book really is about cameras and how to use them. The analogies are just too easy, and I think quite entertaining. I mention that I make videos because my point is that I fumble at it, and I struggle with it. The improvements I have made have come largely from the inspiration and information from The Video Whisperer – whom I discovered accidentally by watching his review of a Sony camera (that I ultimately purchased and use). The quality of his work in that review left my jaw on the table, and I’ve been hooked since.

If you have a passion, just an interest, or simply a need to learn more and improve your skills with video cameras, I can’t recommend this book enough. What I think you will receive from it above all is INSPIRATION!

Pure Frickin’ Magic–Sony HXR-NX30

Urban Legend has it that buried deep in the guts of the Boeing 747 somewhere is a little black box.

A young engineer once noted that in the schematics, the box was given the cryptic designation “PFM”. It seemed no one knew what the letters stood for.

Years later he tracked down one of the original engineers and asked him.

“Pure Magic” is what the old man told him.

Sony HXR-NX30, A Cameraman’s Practical Review

(Note: For the complete review, there are SEVERAL videos as well as written notes to be found below)

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Some Notes

1:  Shoots in full HD 1920 X 1080 at 50p, 50i, 25p, 25i and 1280 X 720 50p.  All the test shots in this video were shot at 720/50p .

2: There’s a multi-function knob at the front which you can press to assign a key function from a drop down list in the screen (color temp, focus, exposure, etc.) which then allows you to manually control that function from the knob. Using it to manually control color temperature is pretty cool as it is an infinitely variable control. You can just roll it until the facial tones or whatever look the way you want them to.

3:  There is also a feature called “My Button” whereby on the touch screen you can assign specific functions to 3 shortcut keys.  For example, I set mine to Focus, Exposure and  Color Temperature. By touching any of those, it brings up the options on that feature directly so you can turn them on or off or make them automatic or manual.

4: It has 96gb built-in flash memory and one card slot for an SD card.

5. File format is AVCHD and is totally compatible with FCPX

6. If your NLE does not support AVCHD native files, you’ll find solutions in your user group forums. For example, “Clipwrap” does a brilliant job of transcoding to .mov (Quicktime) and other formats with amazing speed and no quality loss. From the Clipwrapper site: “Support for all the popular editing formats (ProRes, DNxHD, etc) and non-linear editors (Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple iMovie)”

7. With the audio block removed, the camera fits easily in the palm of your hand. I found that, unlike other cameras I’ve had, this one is very practical for still photographs as well (21 megapixel). Switching modes back and forth is done simply by pushing a logically placed button (unlike my last camera which required finding a slider switch which was close to another slider switch with a different function–easy to mix up when not specifically looking for it)

For full technical specs, go to Sony’s site. For best UK price and fantastic service, go here:, and mention me and ask for a deal. Hey, I asked and they knocked another £15 off what was already the lowest price for that camera–and it was on my doorstep the next morning!


I just did a one-man-band shoot of a live performance in a Music Bar/Steak House and this bears further comment on the Face Recognition and focus tracking capability of the HXR NX30…

I did the shoot with 4 cameras: 1) the GroPro Hero 3 Black Edition (from behind band), 2) Canon 600 DSLR locked on a side angle, 3) Canon XHA1 locked on frontal angle, 4) Sony HXR NX30 hand-held.

Here we have the worst combination of factors for a cameraman shooting close-ups on a live shoot: Low light level, coloured lights, moving targets.

I simply could not have done this with with either the DSLR or the XHA1–or probably many similar cameras or larger ones.

The Sony HXR NX30, however, was a dream.

By using the auto-focus feature and Face Recognition, there was little to no lag on locking onto focus of the singer, even when she was moving forward and backwards. And certainly when there was a brief lag in the worst conditions of low red or blue light, the camera got it a hell of a lot faster than I could have manually. And when it got it, it held on. The truth is, I just didn’t worry about focus and was able to put my attention on the shot to hand or thinking ahead to where I was going to go next. This was the first I was ever seeing this performance–as I was shooting it, so I was glad I wasn’t introverted into a follow-focus nightmare at the same time because these hand-held shots were the only hope of close-ups. The other three unmanned cameras had to be framed loose to account for any movement that might occur within the frame.

I’ll link to one of the three songs I edited for the singer which will illustrate my point.

Here’s the NX30 in my first actual production situation, a short promo done for a local First Aid Service.

The opening scene utilizes the Active Mode stabilization for a steadicam look.

I ran in behind the actress, then moved laterally to the side and down, then stopped–not something you can do with any camera.

Finally, after a few months of using the camera in various productions, here’s a final report which contains some valuable information:

HXR NX30 Production Report

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