The Run ‘n Gun Blog

With the publication of Run ‘n Gun Videography–The Lone Shooter’s Survival Guide, I simultaneously started a new blog called Run and Gun Videography.

The difference between that blog and The Video Whisperer Blog is that the new blog is a companion to the book. In there you will find periodic publications of supplements to various chapters of the book containing sample videos and explanations relevant to certain chapters in the book. From time to time I will publish more of these supplement.

Additionally you will find articles and resources (such as new equipment, software and other tips) of interest to lone shooters and small production companies–run and gunners.

As I started the blog, I simultaneously published the same material to the Video Whisperer blog, but this will phase out in time as the Run and Gun Videography blog fully takes on its mission to teach and inform you video mercenaries out there.


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